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Canada’s Child Tax Benefit Schedule

When taxpayer’s money is used to benefit the child, we are pleased that the money is going for its express purpose, but in the case of cults like the FLDS, all money goes to the leadership to be disbursed as they see fit, including welfare and child tax benefit money!

Religious beliefs keep money flowing into church company–Vancouver Sun

Winston Blackmore’s alleged tax-evasion trial now expected to last 4 weeks

Hard Questions that need to be asked in the Winston Blackmore tax-evasion trial

Hard questions that need to be asked in this case:

1.  How many followers does Winston Blackmore have in the U.S. or other places, e.g. Mexico, Nicaragua?

2.  What does Winston Blackmore consider to be a “tithe“?  In the old Mormon custom, a person kept only what they needed and gave the rest to the church.  (In the mainstream LDS custom of today, members pay 10% of their gross earnings to the church.)

3.  Do his followers in other countries “tithe” to him?  How much?

4.  Does Winston Blackmore keep a double set of books like the FLDS are famous for doing?

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Muslim polygamy “honour” murders

The first ever Canadian trial of four “honour” murders caused by a Muslim polygamous family has returned guilty of first-degree murder verdicts for the father and husband of the women murdered, his second wife and their son.  GOD BLESS CANADA!

Editorial by Sally Armstrong in January 30 Ottawa Citizen.  Sally is the author os Veiled Threat: the Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan and Bitter Roots Tender Shoots: the Uncertain Fate of Afghanistan’s Women  Her third book: Daughters of the Revolution will be published in October.

The conversation continues from Afghanistan with another brutal murder of a young mother who failed to give her husband a boy!

Prophet’s Prey by Sam Brower

I have just posted my review of Sam’s book as promised on the right sidebar under book reviews.

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