Tempers flare over evidence in FLDS trial

Dear Network:

You’ve just got to read this article.  D.N.A. testing is coming into question by the defense of Raymond Merrill Jessop, 38, who is on trial for child sexual assault after his 16-year-old “spiritual” wife gave birth to a daughter.  Even with a 99 percent D.N.A. rating on R.M.J. being the father, they tried to argue that one of his brothers could have fathered the child.

Tempers flare over evidence in FLDS trial

BUT, this story in a U.S. national publication, Forbes,

shows Rebecca Musser, a former FLDS woman, to be a formidable witness in the same trial; and, the meticulous records kept by Warren Jeffs–records seized by authorities in the raid–show that the girl was denied transport to a hospital even after being in labor for two days because of Jeffs’ fear of legal reprisals because she was under age.

This is cruelty beyond comprehension!  I wonder if they will lay further charges against Warren Jeffs for his part in the treatment of this child! They should.  In my opinion, that man should be behind bars for life.

There are similar records in Canada proving that motherhood has been forced upon under-aged girls in the same type of “spiritual” unions.  …




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