Trial against the Apostolic United Brethren (second largest Mormon polygamy group) continues

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We have been following this trial for some time.  The FLDS grab all the headlines with their pedophilia and blundering balderdash with spokesman Willie Jessop so glad to talk to the media, and the women of Centennial Park extolling their idea of the “virtues” of polygamy, but the second largest polygamy group, the Apostolic United Brethren, stays under cover; except for John R. Llewellyn who has been writing about them since he left the cult many years ago.  If you have been following along with this trial, here is the latest installment. If not, go to John’s website THANK YOU, JOHN!  Virginia Hill’s story is tragic as is all women who escape the bonds of polygamy!


From: John R. Llewellyn []
Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 3:27 PM
Subject: Hill vs. AUB

Nancy, this is the latest update in my blog,, we are finally, after 20 years,  getting into the pocketbook of Apostolic United Brethren, the second largest polygamist group. We still have a couple of million dollars more to go before justice is finally served.


Dec. 10, 2009, Fourth District Court, Nephi, Utah, Judge Donald J. Eyre presiding

Plaintiff Hill’s first motion asked that the appeal bond monies deposited by the Defendants be released and ascribed to the judgment owed by the Defendants. After both sides expressed their arguments, Judge Eyre granted the motion. The release of funds amounted to several hundred thousand dollars.  The money will be used to pay expenses incurred, especially appellant fees.

The Plaintiff’s second motion addressed the question of augmentation in view of the Supreme Court Ruling.  The judgment or award to Hill must be augmented to reflect the double damages because of the racketeering and the second Assignment of Trust Deed that was overlooked by the District Court.  And then there is the interest and attorneys fees that must be factored in. Judge Eyre said he would issue a ruling within two weeks.

After the proceedings started about 20 AUB men filed into the courtroom led by high priest apostle, Ron Allred.  Shortly after that a uniformed deputy sheriff appeared at the court entrance and stayed until the proceedings were over.  He was obviously summoned as additional security, a sensible precaution.  But the burly AUB men, except for the dour expressions on their faces, behaved like gentleman.

During the proceedings Virginia whispers to me, “I feel sorry for the AUB members who will have to foot the bill for the criminal conduct of their leaders.”

I could tell she was sincere, and I thought, she was more empathetic towards the AUB people than they were towards her.  The defendants, especially Matthews and Putvin had done all they could to sully Virginia’s reputation, and the majority of the AUB people believed their lies.

It is interesting that after all the damaging evidence that was submitted to the courts and after two Supreme Court Appeals, members of AUB still make excuses for their leaders “pattern of criminal activity.”

According to reliable informants Owen Allred wanted to initiate a settlement with Virginia and put the matter to rest before they went to court.  But apparently, J. LaMoine Jenson and his priesthood henchman overruled Owen — according to the informant. Had they done what Owen wanted it would not have cost AUB nearly as much money, not to mention the ignominy and shame it has brought on AUB and its leaders.

The report we get from inside AUB is that the priesthood council, behind closed doors, want to continue to fight and drag things out.  It is easy for them to do because the money spent to drag the inevitable out doesn’t come out of their pockets.  If the AUB people want to save what is left of AUB’s reputation they should rise up and display their disgust and shock, and demand that their leaders do the honorable thing.  AUB is not being lead by God or Jesus Christ, it is being led by the selfish genes of J. LaMoine Jenson and his priesthood lackeys.

There are a few current members who apparenty believe that LaMoine as a leader is greater than Owen.  After knowing them both when I was part of AUB, and watching how they conducted themselves during the investigation and trial, in my opinion, Owen had more integrity in his little finger than LaMoine has in his entire body.

The criminal conduct and intransigence of LaMoine and his priesthood sycophants have manipulated the AUB members into believing it is their duty to serve the priesthood rather than the other way around.  The AUB laity, whose pockets the leaders will eventually empty, can therefore feel lucky that during the trial the Plaintiff’s attorney did not fully convince the judge that the theft was an AUB enterprise.  The defense made it look like it was a Putvin/Matthews enterprise.  However the facts are Owen made Matthews a bishop to oversee the dispersing of the stolen 1.5 million.  Matthews recruited Jeff Norman to launder $500,000.00 back into AUB via J. LaMoine Jenson.  During the laundering episode, which was only one facet of the entire enterprise, the bulk of the money sat in Owen Allred’s closet.  In other words, the two Assignment of Trust Deeds were tools in which to transfer a half million dollars in currency to AUB’s checking account.  The Judge mistakenly ruled that the Assignment of Trust Deeds represented AUB’s actual damages when it should have been 1.5 million.

When the IRS and Sheriff’s Office started investigating Norman and the money laundering, according to Putvin, Matthews and Owen panicked and Owen told Putvin, “Get it (the currency) out of here,” meaning his house.  When Norman was sacrificed (went to prison) and the heat was off, Owen and Matthews wanted the money back.  Putvin told them to “stick it.”  Putvin the stole the money from AUB and took over the used car lot (Diamond Automotive Specialties, Inc.) which was also suppose to be an AUB enterprise, fronted by Jim Sandmire.

AUB has tried several legitimate businesses and they all have failed.  They tried stealing Virginia’s 1.5 million and that didn’t work out either.  The only thing they are good at is merchandising plural wives and a phony promise of a celestial exaltation.

I know there are some good, well-meaning people in AUB.  I hope that someday they will build up enough tenacity to clean up their corrupt priesthood or get out.



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