Two Law Firms Team Up to Represent Stop Polygamy in Canada–pro bono

Dear Network:

I am very pleased to announce that Brian Samuels of Samuels & Co. and Robert Deane of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP are forming a team to represent the interests of Stop Polygamy in Canada at the trial of the Constitutionality of s. 293 Criminal Code of Canada.

Stop Polygamy in Canada will be responsible for photocopy and filing fees.  The attorney’s time will be free.  The first hearing is on February 16 at the Supreme Court of B.C. in Vancouver.  Brian Samuels will be with me at the Case Management Conference Table with His Honour Chief Justice Robert Bauman presiding.  The actual “trial” of s. 293 is not expected to happen until the fall.

We have much preparatory work to do.  For the first time, Stop Polygamy in Canada will be fundraising.

We will take this one step at a time.  Now that we have legal representation, we can produce evidence and call witnesses.  So all of you who are victims of polygamy, researchers, authors, professors specializing in sect/cult studies, medical people—from any part of the world Stop Polygamy in Canada reaches, please contact me re: giving statements or being witnesses at this very important trial.

For those of you who are in or around Vancouver and can get yourself through the maze of traffic changes due to the Olympics, you are welcome to come and sit in the audience at the court house at 800 Smithe Street.  Please come up and introduce yourselves to me after the hearing.  We’ve communicated only via email all these years.  Special thanks to the Steering Committee that helped pull all this together:  Kathleen Mackert, Jancis Andrews, Rena Mackert who worked with me over hours and hours of emails and phone calls.  Others were working in the background and also did much to connect the dots.

I am using air miles for this trip to Vancouver and a network member in Cranbrook sent me a money order for $200 to cover costs while I am there.  The extra fees for my flight were $194 so I have $6 to spend.  A woman who has been quite the cheerleader and helped pull strings for the lawyers sent me a briefcase.  It’s a good thing I have relatives in Vancouver, isn’t it?  My “room and board” pay is I’m taking them Ukrainian Garlic Sausage (vacuum packed!!) from a famous sausage making company in Mundare!  (I just hope the security dogs don’t sniff it out and want my suitcase) I’ve never done anything like this before and on a shoestring budget, this is incredible.


Box 136, Two Hills, AB  T0B 4K0

Ph/fax:  780-768-2180, Cell:  587-280-0562



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