Elissa Wall wants a new trial

Dear Network: 

Even though Elissa is not on my network list, I know this message will get to her.  

Elissa, I hope in my heart that you are able to testify against Jeffs once again.  But, don’t hold your breath.  If you get a trial, all well and good.  Don’t expect closure, however, no matter what happens.  That will not happen until you realize mind, body and soul the horrible power these men held over you, your FLDS peers held over you, and that power really was not theirs to have.  It takes years to free yourself from the wrath of a cult like the FLDS.  Move yourself forward every day.  Set a goal and reach it sometimes minute by minute, sometimes hour by hour; and, if you slide back into that dark corner of your being where you were so trapped, will your mind, body and soul to think how far you have advanced and gain your footing again.  

Elissa, you are a dear, brave girl.  We are behind you one-hundred plus percent. 

Nancy Mereska, President

Stop Polygamy in Canada 

From: Info-Secte [mailto:infosecte@qc.aibn.com]
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Subject: EXCLUSIVE: Elissa Wall wants Warren Jeffs tried again 

EXCLUSIVE: Elissa Wall wants Warren Jeffs tried again 

August 4, 2010


Reported by: Brent Hunsaker 

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – One week after the Utah Supreme Court threw out the conviction of Warren Jeffs and ordered a new trial, his accuser, Elissa Wall, sat down with ABC 4 News for an exclusive interview.

The interview touched on the decision, but mostly in the context of what she wanted to do moving forward. It was not about second-guessing the justices, but understanding what she believes should happen next.

The decision has brought back memories of the first trial. Elissa Wall recounted the emotion and strain of telling a full courtroom all that she says Warren Jeffs did to her. She told how she fought but inevitably lost the battle against marriage to her adult first cousin. She testified that Jeffs forced her into a marriage that, at age 14, she did not want and was ill equipped to handle. Prosecutors claim that forced marriage resulted in her rape.

With such memories brought fresh to mind, it is easy to see why it would be tempting for Elissa Wall to say no to a new trial – to reject the prospect of going through all that again. She could easily say that she’d done her duty; it was time for someone else to step forward and “carry the banner” for the children of polygamy.

“It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with, but I just can’t walk away,” she said.

She wants another trial.

Wall explained, “I do question, but no matter what internal battle may be going on, I will square my shoulders, stand up and face Warren and look him in the eye. And it will be freeing like the first time around. It will be a rush of freedom because I can look him in the eye and I can know … that he doesn’t have any power over me.”

Wall thought she had closure once, but now it has been taken away. “I have no vendetta against Warren,” she said, “If this were just between warren and me, I don’t know what I would do. But it’s not. It’s a lot bigger than that.

“It’s a book that’s unfinished. It’s something that needs closure. It’s a lot more than closure for me. I want to know a difference was made. I want to know that potentially one young girl was saved.”

This week Elissa Wall will meet with Washington County attorneys to discuss the prospects of a new trial for Warren Jeffs. A decision is expected even before the hearing before Judge James Shumate scheduled for August 23rd.

Even if prosecutors decide to drop the charges against Jeffs, Wall said she would not feel betrayed – not by them.

“The only person who’s really betrayed me is Warren. And that’s who will be held accountable.” 



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  1. Posted by Terri Scoville on August 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    The betrayal of women by men in power positions in the F-LDS churches is long-standing. I hope Elisa gets her chance to speak again and be heard again but I would not count on it. It doesn’t mean the information and knowledge has to stop, though. Like a stream from the mountain running to the ocean, it will find its path!

    Women wishing to participate in my PhD.research “Transition and Identity: Womens Experience of Leaving a Polygamous Relationship” please contact me: tdscovil@telusplanet.net


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