France Proposes to Strip Citizenship of Foreign-born Polygamists and Stop Welfare Payments to Polygamists

Dear Network, 

Sorry, Daphne, I disagree with you on this one.  France is the only country in the world that is cracking down hard on polygamy.  While we go through the lengthy and costly process of testing the constitutionality of our polygamy law, France is acting.  This campaign knew in 2005 that the riots in France were caused mostly by polygamy.  The press termed them “racial” but our sources said they were the product of French citizens disagreeing with the numbers of Muslim polygamists immigrating to the country with their harems. 

If Canada had pursued the prosecution of Winston Blackmore and James Oler in 2010, we would not be in this costly, taxing mess.  Canada has deported women living in polygamy only to  have them return secretly to Bountiful and bear more children.  We have word that a young woman in Colorado City is “waiting until she is 18” to come to Canada to marry into polygamy.  How will she come into Canada in the first place?  If I knew her name, I’d be the first to report her to the RCMP and the immigration authorities.  I implore those who do know her name to report her.

Also, the banning of burkas and niqabs was a very wise move in France.  Canada should do the same!  A terrorist cell plotting to bomb Ottawa has just been nabbed in Canada.  Not only could a man or a woman in a burka pull off a suicide bombing, but women forced to be covered from head to toe have been found to develop soft bones by the time they reach 40 because they never have their skin exposed to sunlight—Vitamin D! 

Citizenship is a privilege, Daphne, you are very correct on that point.  Polygamy is the denigration of all that is beautiful in a free, democratic society. 

I was smacked by ministers, priests and others to tone down my rhetoric when I first started this campaign and referred to polygamy as a boil that festers on the soil of any country it infests.  Now after seven years of campaigning, we see what happens when that boil festers and pops—riots, women and children denied their rights, harm in the form of health and psychological problems, dereliction of duties of the powers that be, disrespect for the laws of countries that open their arms to these immigrants who turn out to be polygamists, religious customary laws overtaking civil law, anarchy. 

President Nicolas Sarkozy may have a low standing in public opinion polls but in my opinion he is right on the mark for proposing this move to deport foreign-born polygamists and those practicing female genital mutilation.  Also, for proposing the withdrawal of welfare payments from polygamous families.  I hope he has the intestinal fortitude to start prosecuting French-born polygamists in the courts! 

Female genital mutilation is being practiced illegally in Canada!  Go to click on “Episodes” then go to Episode #391.  The world has a Holocaust of women who walk around with a hole from which to urinate, menstruate and bear children, then the hole is sewn back up.  Ignorant people do not realize that sex starts in the brain.  These women are denied the right to be whole, healthy women.  And we have them right here in Canada.  Words cannot explain my angst when I think of how these women must suffer. 

All polygamy—Mormon, Muslim, Christian, African, Asian—is driven by patriarchy.  Where are the courts that will prosecute polygamists, Daphne?  Certainly not here in Canada!  Better to cut off all welfare payments strip them of their citizenship and deport them than to put such miserable burdens on honest, law-abiding citizens!  Polygamy is a crime against humanity.  


Nancy Mereska, President

Stop Polygamy in Canada

The Vancouver Sun 

Foreign-born polygamists to be stripped of French citizenship


By Daphne Bramham 27 Aug 2010 Think Tank

President Nicolas Sarkozy and his cabinet will meet next week to discuss how stripping citizenship from foreign-born nationals who practise polygamy and female genital mutilation. According to press reports, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux will also propose withdrawing all welfare benefits from men who have more than one wife.

It’s all part of a tough-on-crime agenda that includes tearing down Gypsy camps and deporting Roma to Bulgaria and Romania — both of which appear to be more controversial in Europe than the stripping of citizenship and welfare benefits. 

Polygamy is illegal in France and it was cited by one of Sarkozy’s ministers as one reason for the riots that ripped through the country’s suburban slums in 2005.

What seems to have  prompted this latest round is Sarkozy’s low standing in public opinion polls coupled with the high-profile case of 35-year-old Lies Hebbadj of Nantes, who has been accused of polygamy and welfare fraud. He is reported to have four wives and 15 children.

The Algerian-born Hebbadj was arrested in early August and charged with aggravated rape after his ex-wife and Muslim convert, Nina Gomez, accused him of assault and rape on her blog. She also accused him of tricking and coercing young women into sex slavery in Saudi Arabia.

The Independent reports that Hebbadji has a family compound that includes three house. He owns a chain of grocery and butcher shops and leads his own sect of Islam.

Hebbadj was also in the news last spring after one of this because one of his four wives publicly contested the police’s decision to fine her for driving a car while wearing a niqab, which police said dangerously obscured her view. In July, France banned both burkas and niqabs.

While clearly citizenship is a privilege and not necessarily a right, stripping it is a vast over-reaction. Polygamy is illegal in France. So, enforce that law. Welfare fraud is a crime, so prosecute it.


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  1. Posted by Esther Young on August 29, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    This comment is from Anissa Helie replying to France’s proposal to strip citizenship.

    Dear Nancy,

    Sorry, but I agree with Daphne on that one. Sarkozi is courting anti-immigrants
    sentiments in the most opportunistic fashion.

    If he is so concerned about women’s rights, why doesn’t he propose to strip the
    citizenship of both those practicing polygamy (i.e. immigrants and generally
    Muslims) AND of all those ‘real white’ French involved in domestic violence?

    FYI, the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) stated in 2003 that
    “statistics indicate that 1 in 10 women in France are victims of domestic
    violence and as many as six women die every month as a result of violence
    perpetrated against them by their husband, boyfriend or partner.”

    This is not an either/or and am not advocating that because violence against
    women is more spread and affects more women than polygamy, this issue should
    take precedence. Obviously, one should battle on all fronts.

    I am taking this example to highlight the fact Sarkozi is an opportunist who
    does not give a damn about women’s rights. Do not be fooled.



  2. Posted by Faye on August 30, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Hello all,
    Nancy I heartily agree with your comment. Just back from my ‘dream’ holiday in Scotland I think I can safely say that like the UK Telegraph reporter (her name escapes me, pc went down and I lost much)the people of the UK (now part of Europe U)are seriously disgruntled at having to pay large pocketsfull of money to assist the ‘harems’ as you call it. The people I spoke with, after getting to know them, cautiously referred to these ‘factions’ as illegal and the monies spent on said groups was VERY undemocratic; taking away from their own children, gkids and the like when their families were hurting for want of shelter/food. As I say they are cautious when speaking for, YES, appearing racial! That UK Telegraph reporter has termed it “..dangerously apologetic..” .The UK now has issued a rise in domestic terrorism. Well what did you expect?
    The National Museum of Scotland has a Scottish warrior gauntlet from the fifteenth century on display which has leather inducted into the item to protect the wearer; their Parliament of today has no such protection. The factions that have caused terrorism are there to stay because it is so legislated. Is Canada already too late? Maybe, maybe not. You still may have the laws amended, as indeed, each day lawyers etc., sit and go through the same.
    Kudos to the elected in France. It is not too late for them.
    Write your elected; from MLA, MP, MPP, and our PM.
    You only have your rights to lose.


  3. Posted by Faye on August 30, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Still sleepy I expect, to make an error like this:
    the Scotish warrior gauntlet…………….was constructed
    of a thin metal, iron I believe, with leather coverings.
    Their present Parliament has little protecting it.
    And Scots barristers are, or at least, were, world
    famous for their work………..


  4. Posted by Janet on September 21, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    “If I knew her name, I’d be the first to report her to the RCMP and the immigration authorities. I implore those who do know her name to report her.” Duh, you have known the name of the Queens bench judges in Saskatchewan that have sanctioned married women to take non consenting “subsequent spouses in family law” more 2 years..yet you havn’t reported them!\
    Since married persons in saskatchewan can have legally sanctioned common law spouses, how long to you think it will take civilly maried women to be able to take civilly married subsequent spouses? Your position on polygamy are only about flds.. not polygamy as defined in the criminal code.


  5. Posted by Faye on September 21, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Janet if SK noted that there was the profound abuse that is heaped upon the children re multiple harems the people probably would, and eventually, try to relegate law to step in. As the polygamist, world-wide is KNOWN to abuse children of both sex it becomes a much larger issue; aside from that our laws in democratic countries DO TRY to protect the children :EVENTUALLY. Thus France is doing it’s level best to do this. My opinion of France trying to protect our UNIVERSAL (Daphne, universal) children simply stated, as a restaurant monolith advertises “I’m loving it”.


  6. Posted by Janet on September 22, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Faye, agreed. I had just thought the issue was polygamy. Canadian criminal code 2.293 does not speak to child abuse at all in the law against polygamy. Other Canadian laws deal with these matters. But I do understand polygamy can harm children and often does. However, harm can come from many sources inherent in polygamy..not simply abuse.


  7. Posted by Faye on September 22, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Actually when I use the word ‘abuse’ I am referring to all abuse, physical, verbal, emotional, and that which the FLDS/Mormon use as their draw, their ace if you will; their faith-by-bullying, coercion which is the practice of forcing another party to behave in an INVOLUNTARY manner using any of these ways whether through ACTION OR INACTION by use of threats, intimidation etc.
    Thus from the time the child is born into polygamy the FLDS/Mormon use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance is clearly evident to a person focussed on the situation.
    ( I was married to a Catholic-cum FLDS cum Mormon for 20 years and know full well the intimidation involved in this cult and how it can severely intimidate the child.)
    It thus becomes a force or the power TO USE force in gaining compliance.
    I once said to a close friend that the bigger guy wins all; well in this case the democratic governments have become, unbecomingly dangerously apologetic to factions of polygamy. Everywhere. France does recognize this I expect.


  8. Posted by Jane on September 22, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Oww! I know second hand, as well, some of the effects of polygamy. A friend of mine allowed a married man to live in her home because he had nowhere to live. She became “good friends” with the man and felt she had the right to cohabitate with the married man in any manner she wished without becoming his spouse in family law. The man remained married in Canada by choice and would not get divorced. The married man took her to family court, claimed her as his wife under cohabitation as spouses or common law souse definition, and the judges said she was now the spouse of the man. She lost her home to the previously penniless man. Well, half of it as well as half her savings. There can also be financial abuse I guess in polygamous relationships? Even though she did not consent to become his spouse and he told the judge the man did tell her he would not try to become her spouse under family law, the judge said he was entitled, as her spouse, to change his mind!


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