New Member Book List

We have a number of new campaign members. I recommend the following books for a quick education in polygamy:
1. God’s Brothel by Andrea Moore Emmett
2. The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect by Daphne Bramham
3. Keep Sweet: Children of Polygamy by Debbie Palmer & Dave Perrin
4. Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall
(Bramham & Wall’s books chronicle the FLDS slave labour camps in Sundre, Alberta)
5. Bitter Roots Tender Shoots: The uncertain fate of Afghanistan’s Women by Sally Armstrong (a study on polygamy in Afghanistan headed by Hangama Anwari is reviewed in this book.)

Note: Those wishing to donate any amount of money to Stop Polygamy in Canada can go to any Bank of Montreal Branch and deposit to 0014-8392-741.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Concerned citizen on October 3, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Under Canada’s criminal code, polygamy is not a genderized matter. I understand that your background included patriarchial based polygamy. However, you did consent? In Canada right now, in Saskatchewan, married persons can also have multiple common law wives or husbands at the same time. That province changed their family laws 10 years ago from deciding what happens with respect to family property (in family law) when new spouses (after any required divorces) then have new spouses. The new law (10 yrs ago) changed to what happens when a person becomes the spouse of a person who has ( not HAD) a spouse. People have made claims in Saskatchewan that they have more than one simultaneous spouse..and the family courts have agreed they do!.. Do you understand the consequences of this? It’s legal in Canada now (polygamy). In the case where you either did or didn’t consent (maybe were coerced), understand that in Saskatchewan..the cases on record.. the “subsequent spouses” did NOT consent..and they were still, under the binding authority of the government judicial system..forced to become the spouse of a person who HAS a spouse.


    • Posted by Nancy Mereska on October 4, 2010 at 5:13 am

      I truly do not know if one person is sending all the emails about Saskatchewan under different pseudonyms or several are. That is the trouble with being able to keep your identity hidden. When the matter of Saskatchewan first came to my attention shortly after this blog was started by Esther Young, I wrote a very poignant letter to Premier Brad Wall. The letter was circulated on my campaign network. The only reply I received on multiple spouse relationships being judicially allowed in Saskatchewan was the auto-reply response that the Premier had received my letter. Period.

      If these notices about these horrid multiple-spouse relationships are from one person, I suggest you contact a lawyer to see about revisiting this (these) decisions for appeal. S. 293 appears to have been transgressed because it also addresses marriages of groups of people; but, most importantly, the equality rights guaranteed to women of Canada through our Charter have been transgressed. If this has happened to a group of people, by all means, gather yourselves together and lobby to get this changed. Stop Polygamy in Canada has been an internet lobby effort that has gathered strength through local and international numbers of like-minded citizens who recognize the psychological, physical and social harm visited upon women and children caught in polygamy.

      You do not write if this is a cultural matter of a particular culture; e.g. Imam Ali Hindy of Toronto bragging he has performed over 30 Muslim polygamous unions where most of the first wives do not know this has happened.

      To answer your response to my personal situation–NO! I did not consent. At the time (1965) I took out my temple covenants and marriage vows in the LDS church, I did not know a thing that was going to happen within the walls of the temple. Nor was I allowed to speak about the ceremony outside the temple; not even to my husband. During the temple ceremony at that time I was subjected to death oaths of secrecy three times throughout the ceremony. Those death oaths were dropped from the ceremony in the early 90s; but participants of the ceremony are still sworn to secrecy.

      No matter what the culture/religion, please remember that polygamy is a human rights issue. We must raise our voices together. A brilliant team of lawyers is representing the interests of Stop Polygamy in Canada before the B.C. Surpreme Court in the reference case.

      I have answered your query(ies) the best I can for now.



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