Dear Blog Readers,
I would like to thank Editor Barb Williamson and the editorial staff of the Edmonton Journal for approving and publishing the following letter today.

Polygamy is destructive 


Re: “Fundamentalist Mormons feel polygamy is constitutional right; Court victory would allow them to build a theocracy within our democracy,” by Daphne Bramham, Opinion, Oct. 22.

Polygamy is a boil on the soil of any nation it infests. Daphne Bramham has shown us clearly what the outcome would be if our polygamy law, s. 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada, is struck down.

Canada is a multicultural nation, not a tribal one. Polygamy fosters tribalism. It creates bands of rogue young men who, denied of a wife, form angry gangs of ill repute, gangs that feed on the thoughts of war, not peace.

Tribalism leads to anarchy. Anarchy destroys a democratic society.

Democracy first appeared at the time of the Greeks and the Romans. The great Greek thinkers knew that men who have wives and children are more apt to want governments that protect and secure peace.

We must protect the peace and beauty of our great nation by protecting and preserving the laws that secure this peace and beauty. The law against the practice of polygamy is one of those laws.

Nancy Mereska, president, Stop Polygamy in Canada, Two Hills