Child Abuse and the FLDS

Child Abuse and Polygamy

By Rebecca Kimbel   Mscd   CEO   DTM

My step father was a “defect” from Mormonism and a convert to FLDS polygamy, by way of my mother, who according to our “faith”, had to marry a believer or suffer eternal damnation. My step father violently beat and raped me when I was eleven years old. My family pretends he had no affiliation with the FLDS nor did his behavior. I was not the only child in our “holy” religion who suffered sexual abuse. Documented accounts of sexual abuse among the FLDS contained here in are additional information, complete with web links.

Tom Green, FLDS polygamist, fathered a child with his thirteen year old step daughter, Linda Kunz. (go to; referral/polygamy/polygamy 679) or just Goggle up his name. Tom Greene, like Kody Brown, was flaunting his “religion” on TV.

Linda, his child bride, is my niece. Her mother had previously been one of my brother’s wives. When my brother discovered Tom was having sex with his thirteen year old daughter, he was infuriated. I urged my brother to “do something about it, at least report Tom.” My brother nervously said, “I can’t. I’ve been a polygamist. I can’t do anything to bring bad attention to the group. I just can’t”. (Being afraid to tell the truth is part of our religious dedication. The “glue” of our faith is fear).

Did the FLDS condemn Tom Green? No. The closest they came was a public statement made by Owen Allred, leader of the Apostolic United Brethren (and my uncle) in which he denounced marriages to girls under eighteen. (page two).

Interestingly, AUB is my family group affiliation. I never knew anyone eighteen, who was still unmarried. Most of us had at least two children by then. At age fifteen marriages with a parents permission was assumed to go legally unchallenged. Most of us thought we were married at fifteen, but considering all the false birth certificates, who knows. The only thing on my birth certificate that I know is correct is my first name. I grew two inches after my first child was born. I was typical, not unique.

FLDS Polygamists used the Tom Green media frenzy to promote polygamy and fight for “religious freedom” Teenagers from polygamist families demonstrated in Salt Lake City Utah in 2006. Over 200 supporters were at the event. www.wikipedia.  Mormon fundamentalism.

Polygamist groups jumping on the band wagon to fight for religious freedom included the following;

Apostolic United Brethren, FLDS, Blackmore, Kingston, Centenial Park, Righteous Branch of FLDS and more.

Take a closer look inside the lives of these “holy men”.

FLDS polygamist Jason Ortell Kingston married his half sister, Andrea Johnson who had his child (1992) the child was saved by C-section. Medical attention came far too late to save her life.

Fifteen year old, Mary Ann Kingston was forced by her father, John Danial Kingston, to marry her uncle, Paul Elden Kingston. She ran away and was apprehended and beaten by her father. ChartLinks/PaulEldon Kingston.htm

The notorious Warren Jeffs and his child brides at Yearning for Zion Ranch in reference/polygamy/ Jeffsi.jpg     this site includes pictures.

Thirty one of the fifty three teen girls at the Yearning for Zion Ranch were pregnant or already had a baby. refernce/polygamy/polygamy1179html

Allen Rex Harrod, polygamist, (self proclaimed Mormon Prophet) faces 97 counts of child molestation. references/polygamy/polygamy 110.html

No, that is not all, but I think you get the point.

Why don’t polygamists speak up or testify? Because the consequences are HEAVY.  Search; Ervil LeBaron, on the internet and read about nearly thirty people he had murdered for “disobedience” or trying to escape “the gospel”. Ervil LeBaron was my brother in laws brother.

Irene Spencer, New York Times best selling author, relives the murders from her own true life experience, in her book, “Cult Insanity”. Irene Spencer is my sister.

Penalties short of murder are the loss of your wives, children, home, businesses etc.

Seek the title; A Family Seized as Church Property” references/polygamy/polygamy 458, htm

When you see women under the control of polygamist men, who go to the media and publicly uphold the bondage they are in, try to understand: Freedom can not be obtained without breaking the dependence on that which enslaves those who are not free.

FLDS women are totally dependant on those who enslave them and depend heavily on each other for the sake of their children and their own survival. Getting out can be dangerous. Who is going to protect them? The law? You?  Polygamy is organized crime hiding beneath the skirts of religion.

Polygamy’s bondage and subordination of women and children, by radical Muslims, Christians and FLDS, is the same. They use freedom of religion to take freedom away from others. Their crimes against individuals and society are the crimes of individuals against individuals and should not be derailed in the name of theology. Put the responsibility where it belongs, these crimes are acts of men, not religion.

Web links; Polygamist sects likened to mob.  McClatchy Newspapers/ July 25, refernce/polygamy/polygamy1000.html

Sect youths conditioned to deceive outsiders     Houston Chronicle/ April 10, /reference/polygamy/polygamy814.html

State officials face culture of lies, religious experts say    Dallas Morning News/ May 25, 2008 /reference/polygamy/polygamy932.html

Expert testifies polygamist sect belief system is abusive    Associated Press/ April 18, 2008 /reference/polygamy/polygamy839.html


5 responses to this post.

  1. Good post, but one thing confused me a bit. You state: ” Thirty one of the fifty three teen girls at the Yearning for Zion Ranch were pregnant or already had a baby. Several FSDS men were involved in sexual child abuse. Among them were Raymond Jessop and Tony Alamo.”

    I assume FSDS is just a spelling mistake. As for Tony Alamo, what does he have to do with Mormon fundamentalism? Certainly, he is a polygamist, and is currently in prison for his crimes against children, but as far as I know he is not a Mormon and was not at the Texas FLDS compound. Maybe there was someone with the same name there, or you know something that has not been reported in any of the dozens of news articles I’ve read about him and archived on my blog, or maybe it was just a simple mistake? Could you please clarify this point.

    Also, I have included this blog post in my news archive because of the light you shed on this issue from your own personal experiences. See:


    • Posted by st0pp0lygamy on November 9, 2010 at 5:45 am

      Thank you, Perry, for your good eye and the excellent critique. As per Rebecca’s instructions, I have deleted the sentences in error. And, the spelling error was also missed by me when I edited the post. I see “FLDS” so frequently, that my eye saw what wasn’t there. So good to have you interested in and reading Stop Polygamy in Canada’s blog.

      Nancy Mereska, President


  2. Tony Alamo’s name was on the list handed to me by my assistant. I sent the article in, so the error is my responsibity. I can see why she thought his spoof was real. Goggle ; Tony Alamo Christian Polygamist and see it. I’m sure he’d be proud he was so convincing. Now the spoof is on me. I’m looking pretty “blonde”. The great thing is, people are checking out the web sites included in the articles and they are learning more and sharing more. I learned to refuse assistance with my research and to consider becoming a red head. Thanks for the input.


  3. There is “an extreem” spoof, and a web site about a real christian polygamist too. I had to search for that to find the real Tony Alamo. Polygamy by religion commonly produces similar problems.
    Rebecca Kimbel


  4. Thanks Nancy and Rebecca. Easy mistakes to make. If you search for “Tony Alamo” on the search page of my site I provided a link to in my first comment you will find plenty of articles about him. Though he is in prison, his followers continue to hide children from the authorities.

    By the way, I just took a quick look at your research page. There is an excellent in-depth Canadian study done for the Department of Justice that I didn’t notice in your list. It is titled “Polygyny and Canada’s Obligations under International Human Rights Law” and you can read it online, download a pdf, and freely reproduce it. It is available on the Canadian government website at

    I have also added your blog to my list of advocacy groups at

    Keep up the good work!


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