Letter from concerned citizen in Sundre

Note:  I received this letter yesterday after the writer of the letter had seen/read excerpts of the videos played in court on Wednesday, December 8.  I first found out about the slave labour camps in Sundre in 2004, but my pleas to both the Klein and Stelmach governments to look into the matter were ignored.  The writer has given me permission to post her letter.

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

Hi I am commenting on the Polygamy case against Blackmore and Oler and Bountiful BC.
I live at Sundre, Ab The Oler Brothers Trucking Company worked here in Sundre for Sunpine Forest Products or WestFraser Lumber for quite a few years hauling logs. There were quite a few Blackmore and Oler sons who came and rented homes around Sunpine Forest Products. They brought their wives and children. A dozen families would live in one house, with campers surrounding the home. They outbid local companies for the jobs and worked 24 hours around the clock as they had so many sons working for them. It was questioned whether these boys received a wage and paid income tax. Also if the boys were home births, do they even have a Social Insurance Number? This company went bankrupt and I beleive inverstigated for tax evasion. Blackmore had 72 (more now) children and they were named in alphabetical order depending on their birth month and year. The women were managed similiar to a dairy herd tracking when they would be fertile. These boys brought young girls up from an Arizona sect to marry. They had many children and sometimes there were questions whom the father was. These boys played hockey in Sundre. I spoke with one of the girls regularily, as she seemed outside of the group of young wives watching their husbands. She was brought up from Arizona with her sister to be wives to one of the boys. She was not yet 16, already pregnant. The other girls were all sisters from Bountiful. She told me how her sister in Arizona was in a car accident and paralyzed from the waste down. She was depressed because she was useless now as she could not have babies.. That was all she knew as she was raised to only believe she was to bear children to have a higher place in heaven. This girl I spoke with did not know where she was, did not understand Canada? as a country did not know her directions, had no knowledge barely of anything, only that she was happy because she was bearing children and therefore successful. It was very sad how hidden away she was from normal life. I would liken her existence to living in North Korea where everything is monitored and only those things they allow are taught. This is definately a cult as Oler and Blackmore are the leaders and they control all of those people under them. It is very frightening this is allowed!


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