Another Woman Speaks Out about Polygamy

Dear Blog Readers,

I received this letter from Susan Ray Schmidt and have her permission to post it to my blog.  For her CBC interview, I suggested that she tell her story and discuss the lost boys and young men; that there are people in Canada who still ask:  What is polygamy?

From Susan:

K Dee gave me your email. Thanks for what you’re doing in Canada. Can I help in some way? Here is my background:

 I was raised in the LeBaron polygamist group and married one of the LeBaron leaders when I was barely fifteen, becoming Verlan LeBaron’s sixth wife. I went through the usual hell; maybe even worse than the usual hell as my group became targeted by my brother-in-law, Ervil LeBaron, who split from our group and and began a rapage of blood atonement that left close to 30 people dead and many lives destroyed, all in the name of God. This  happened 30 years ago, but polygamy is still alive and well in Colonia LeBaron where I was raised. All those sweet little kids running around while I was there have grown up and many are practicing polygamy today. It sickens me to see my young nieces and nephews following in their parent’s footsteps. Especially as they do it in total ignorance. They blindly follow the distorted teachings and practice of their leaders, who tell them polygamy is commanded by God. How I thank God that my own children are free and live normal, productive, and happy lives.

Anyway, I left with my five children when I was 23. I’m a Christian today. I have a burning desire to see the practice of polygamy eradicated and the men who abuse women and children locked up. 

CBC has contacted me a couple times, wanting my comments on their evening news.(I’ve written a book about my life in polygamy and I’ve been visible and outspoken, so it was easy for them to find me.) I’m going to agree to do it but I want my comments to be power-packed and if possible to make a difference. I haven’t followed the Winston Blackmore case (I met the man years ago). I’ve just not been paying attention; I’ve been involved in other things. Do you have suggestions in what tactic I should take during the interview? 

How else can I help?

All the best! 

Susan Ray Schmidt,

Author and Speaker 

Favorite Wife:Trapped in Polygamy

Nancy, perhaps you will find time to go to my website linked above. There you will find the video “Lifting the Veil of Polygamy”. Click on it and you can watch the whole video there on the website. I’m in this video and I also happen to be on the distribution board for it and other videos on Mormonism. See if any of the information in this video will be of assistance to any of the “good guys” fighting this battle there in Canada.


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