Letters like this are welcome!

I was doing some research today after watching the documentary ” Polygamy’s Lost Boys ” last night and I came across your blog and read your story. I have been a member of the LDS church for the last 12 years and have never felt good about the church’s history of polygamy. The LDS eternal family dream is a wonderful thought to an extent but sharing my husband in the eternity’s with other women sickened me. The stories of the FLDS child brides and Lost Boys are atrocious. My husband left the mormon church 2 years ago after reading as much church history as he could and trying to find evidence that the book of mormon was true. He found evidence that it was a bunch of lies and couldn’t believe it anymore. This devastated me and almost tore our family apart. To make a long story short I have finally opened my eyes to the lies I have been told and am in the transitional part of letting go and rebuilding my beliefs and foundation. I guess I am writing to you because I feel so sick and sad for all those women and children who are stuck in such a horrific lie! The main stream mormon church isn’t much better than the horrific FLDS. What can one do to help stop polygamy or give support to those trying to leave? I grew up in B.C. and had never heard of Bountiful until a few years ago. I’m appalled that polygamy is happening and being forced on children and women in our Country. I look forward to seeing it stopped.


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