Bountiful dads smuggled daughters, 12, into U.S. to ‘marry’ accused pedophile

By Daphne Bramham, Vancouver SunFebruary 25, 2011

A startling development in the polygamy story: The B.C. government filed documents Friday in BC Supreme Court alleging that between 2004 and 2005, two 12-year-old girls and a 13-year-old from Bountiful were driven to the United States by their parents to marry fundamentalist prophet Warren Jeffs, who was in his late 40s at the time.

Photograph by: Jud Burkett, The Associated Press

VANCOUVER — Two fathers from Bountiful, B.C., smuggled their 12-year-old daughters across the border to marry an accused pedophile and fugitive intent on increasing a harem that already included 57 wives. 

MacRae and Spencer Blackmore were part of a 2005 scheme to sneak their daughters from Bountiful into the United States to marry Warren Jeffs, the prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, according to Jeffs’ diaries. 

His sordid musings reveal that MacRae and Spencer — father and son — along with Spencer’s wife, took the two girls to a hiding place in the U.S. and used untraceable cellphones in a plot to deliver the girls to Jeffs, who was “yearning” and intent upon “sealing” the girls to him. 

The incident happened just a few days after the prophet’s 50th birthday at a time when RCMP were investigating Bountiful on allegations of child abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking of under-age girls and women for the purposes of religious marriages and illegal immigration and within days of the attorneys general of B.C. and Utah agreeing to share more information about the FLDS. 

Yet details of how three Canadian parents delivered the two 12-year-olds — a niece and grand-niece of former bishop Winston Blackmore — into Jeffs’ hands didn’t come to the attention of RCMP or the B.C. Attorney-General’s Ministry until earlier this month. 

And since then, they’ve learned about more the trafficking of more girls, including a 13-year-old that the Ministry of Children and Family Development knew about in 2008, but apparently did nothing about. 

The information comes from Jeffs’ detailed dictations that were seized during a 2008 raid on the FLDS’s Texas compound called the Yearning for Zion ranch. And B.C. lawyers will be in B.C. Supreme Court on Friday morning to try to get it included as part of the evidence in the constitutional reference case to determine whether Canada’s polygamy law is valid. 

Jeffs’ dictated diaries, which are posted on the Internet, provide details of how the parents brought the 12-year-olds to him. 

It started at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 25 when Jeffs phoned MacRae Blackmore, Winston’s older brother, who decided to stick with the FLDS after Winston was excommunicated. 

“He bore a strong testimony of me being the Prophet,” Jeffs dictated. “And he wanted to stand with us. I then told him that he would be called to receive greater training and he must become a man who can keep the Lord’s confidence and not always express his own opinions; and he needed to take on a heavenly hush and what I was about to say to him he had to keep quiet, even from his family. 

“I told him his daughter . . . would be called to the redemption of Zion mission (the Yearning for Zion ranch in Texas). I told him that part of her call to the redemption of Zion mission would be to get married, which he accepted. 

“I asked the Lord silently if I should name to him who she will be married to, and I simply said . . . ‘She will be sealed in the same place that your (other) daughter . . . is sealed, namely me,’ and he thrilled at that.” 

Jeffs then called Mac’s son, Spencer Blackmore. He also professed his faith in Jeffs, who then informed Spencer that he wanted his 12-year-old daughter as well. 

“He supported it wholeheartedly. I told him that sometime with the next week or two I would send him to go get his daughter and perhaps others. Mack Blackmore told me his daughter is around 13 years old and . . . (Spencer’s daughter) is 12 years old . . . 

“I had been seeking for several days that the Lord would touch these men’s hearts to receive this and to prepare the girls to receive this and have the gift and privilege to get close quickly.” 

The diaries said the girls met Jeffs the day of their marriage at about 5 p.m. to “get acquainted.” 

“I told them they would be sealed to me and to be ready by 8 p.m.,” Jeffs wrote. 

“They are very sweet young girls, he added. “I have several others.” 

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3 responses to this post.

    • Posted by st0pp0lygamy on August 4, 2011 at 3:02 pm


      CNN has been covering the trial every day, but not much is being done in Canada. The girls involved have been subpoenaed but are not appearing in court to testify against the “Prophet” Warren Jeffs. So thorough is the brainwashing in this cult that they believe that by speaking out against the “priesthood” leaders, they will be sent to the darkest place in hell for eternity. Sadly, this is the same through all sects of Mormonism!! All the men truly believe they hold the “holy priesthood” of God, and woe betide anyone who speaks out against them. YES, ALL MEDIA SHOULD BE ON THIS STORY AND STOP BEING WISHY-WASHY ABOUT “RELIGION.”

      Thank you for your comment.



  1. Posted by Faye on August 5, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    The horror our children are experiencing just continues to get worse. I thought it could not. Really I did. But reading how these two little girls being kidnapped and raped under the auspices of our legal system/our famed RCMP(!), the cover of our entire governments, both federal and provincial, and let’s face it, even municipal(!), made me grip my coffee cup subconsciously, to the point of breaking it, makes me want to rage and shout to the world “CANADA LOVES PEDOPHILES: ALL WHO WANT TO ‘LEGALLY’ RAPE CHILDREN COME TO OUR NATION.”!. I expect all of you who read this feel the same way. What is holding our officials back?? They are scared, terrified perhaps, cowardly/definitely, thinking this is a human rights issue of religion. So put a theologist on the stand..Of course you, the RCMP have children and not your children have the protection of our Human Rights laws?? Do not the children that YOU know are being kidnapped and raped, have the protection of our Human Rights?? SOMEONE SOMEWHERE in Canada HAS GOT TO STAND UP FOR THESE CHILDREN. D SOON!!! Nancy what say a March to the Legislature and on the Hill.


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