Interviews by Rebecca Kimbel–must see videos

“Oprah manipulated by Sister Wives. . .”

Interview with Irene Spencer, author of Shattered Dreams & Cult Insanity (both are reviewed on this blog sidebar)  “All we ever knew was polygamy, part 1:

Irene Spencer, part 2

Kaziah Hancock, trapped in Joseph W. Musser‘s polygamist group when her mother joined.  Kaziah is author of Prisons of the Mind:

If these videos do not educate the public on how terrible polygamy is, then nothing will. 

Go to the “about” button and read my story that I wrote for Macleans Magazine, a national magazine in Canada, July 2002.  At the time I went through the mainstream Mormon temple ceremony for my marriage to a Mormon man I was very much in love with, I had to avow to the same death oaths/blood atonement that the FLDS still do today!  I was horrified and started asking my husband about them soon after our marriage.  He would go into a rage saying that nothing about the temple is supposed to be discussed outside the temple that I was bringing “the spirit of Satan into our home by asking those questions.”  I soon realized that he didn’t have the answers to my questions that he was just as ignorant as everyone else regarding why we had to vow three different times gesturing three different ways to be murdered or to commit suicide or be destroyed and damned if we did not keep our temple convenants and wear that awful underwear day and night except for bathing and sex–swearing our allegiance not to Jesus Christ (the name of the church) but to the church and obeying its leaders because they are mouth pieces for God.  Yes, Mormonism and Fundamentalist Mormonism is the Taliban of suppression in North America.  Rebecca, you are so right.

They took the deaths oaths out of mainstream Mormonism temples in the early 90s but Mormons still have to “work out their salvation” and give everything they can to build up the church.  Christians do not have to “work out their salvation.”  Christians believe that Christ shed his blood on the Cross to atone for their sins.  They are saved by His Grace.   

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada


3 responses to this post.

  1. The problems that Ms. Spencer experienced (which do sound terrible) are because of her former religion, not because of polygamy.


  2. When men have the power to force a life style on women, a lifestyle they them selves would never tollorate, when inequality is justified in the name of religion, when a person falls out of favor with God because of their color, sex or culture, it had nothing to do with God and everything to do with greed. Polygamy is narcissistic greed for men only. Religion is an excuse. ALL polygamist marriages are problematic, especially for women. I have heard women stand up and praise polygamy in public and cry themselves to sleep at night because their husband had little or no time or interest in them. I came from polygamy. When will you polygamist women have the integrity to tell the misserable truth?


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