Are Mormons through with polygamy?

Dear Readers,

Peggy Fletcher Stack’s article is a must read.  It is really good to see Brigham Young University political science professor Valerie Hudson taking this Mormon doctrine by the horns and dealing with it head on.  (Even if she is a woman!)

When I realized just how much the Mormon missionaries had LIED to my family in Ohio in 1965 about polygamy, I questioned my Mormon husband who would always retort, “You’ll be the first wife.”  I didn’t want to be the first wife of a harem of celestial concubines, thank you!

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

Thank you, Peggy Fletcher Stack for your article in The Salt Lake Tribune

Are Mormons through with polygamy

FAIR is The Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research run by Mormons

Also, I have found the full transcript of the temple covenant endowment ceremony I endured for my marriage in 1966.  They took out the death oaths (blood atonement oaths) in the early 90s.  We were all dressed in white from head to toe and all I could see was blood.  I came out of that ceremony terrified.  When I asked my husband questions, he would scream at me that I was “inviting the spirit of Satan into our home” that “you made a covenant not to talk about the temple ceremony outside the temple.”  As you read this transcript, you will see how un-Christian this ceremony is.  The LDS Church has a lot to answer for what it has done to its own members over the years.  When you are bound body and soul to obey the leaders of an organization and to sacrifice all you have to that organization, it is not a church, it is a cult.

Also see: for information and heartbreaking stories.

Mormon Defense League be damned!  You can never whitewash enough the harm you have done over the nearly two centuries you have existed in North America and the World.  Even Parley P. Pratt, the missionary who left his wife and family and converted many English people to Mormonism (the great American dream religion) was murdered by an enraged man when Pratt seduced his wife to be one of his “celestial brides.”  Polygamy is your scourge and your condemnation now and in the eternities!



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  1. Posted by Pat Bowie on August 30, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    A disturbing warning — women and chidren become chattels, and fundamental rights are lost…


  2. Here is a blog post I wrote in reaction to that article in the Tribune. Although most of my post is about the group The Family International, because that’s where my personal experiences with religious abuse occurred, there are many similarities between that group and the LDS, including the practice of polygamy. The founder of that group, David Berg, greatly admired Joseph Smith.

    From Sex Fiends to Family Values: the LDS and The Family International

    Religious doctrines abandoned for political or legal reasons, like Zombies, never die

    by Perry Bulwer


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