Review of Love Times Three on Amazon

Dear Readers:  I have refused to give this book any “air” time but this review falls into line with my views on this book.
Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada
review is from: Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage
(Kindle Edition)

“Love Times Three” is filled with trite aphorisms
that one has come to expect from polygamy apologists – ( “I am a better person
due to the fact that I have to share my husband”, etc ) – despite the fact that
all four of the Dargers grew up in poverty, often surviving on WIC and food
stamps, they attempt to paint their childhoods as idyllic. Never mind the fact
that one wife was trained to wash dishes at age 4, and that visits from their
polygamous fathers were brief and infrequent, and that older female children
were recruited by their parents to take care of younger children and drop out of
high school to “baby sit” – they still attempt to paint an idyllic picture of
the polygamous life they experienced as children.

It is clear from the
book that Alina, the first (and only legal) wife is the Queen Bee, the dominant
and favored wife in the marriage. It must be difficult for Vicky (wife 2) and
Val (wife 3) to live in Alina’s shadow, as the Vicky describes severe post
partum depression, jealousy, and starving herself down to a weight of 95 pounds
due to the stress of her competitive relationship with Alina. Wife #3,
Val,(Vicky’s twin sister) was married by Joe at the suggestion of Alina (#1) and
Vicky (# 2) because Val (#3) was newly divorced and unable to support herself
and her five children. All three wives experience profound jealousy and
competitiveness for their husband’s affection and taking care of over 20
children is portrayed as quite stressful. The Dargers are financially strapped
with 3 out of four parents working in order to have ends meet. After reading
this book, I have come to the conclusion that the Dargers obviously have a
different conception of happiness than the rest of us have if they would have us
truly believe that they are happy.


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