Jancis Andrews’ letter to the editor, Nov. 21 issue, Macleans

Jancis Andrews, Stop Polygamy in Canada Society, Steering Ctte. member, and Member-at-Large, wrote the following letter to Macleans.  Thank you for sharing it, Jancis.  I hope many people read this week’s issue of Macleans, see your letter and pause and think about what this means for women and children in Libya; and, for the rest of the world!

Letter Published in Maclean’s Magazine, Nov. 21, 2011

After Moammar Gadhafi’s death, President Mahmoud Jibril trumpeted, “It means the end of a long and ruthless dictatorship and the beginning of a new Libya, a free and democratic Libya.” (Demise of a Dictator, International. Nov. 7). He then promptly destroyed these high-sounding sentiments by stating that sharia law will be the main source of legislation, and that there will be a return to polygamy, the practice whereby men reduce women to second-class citizenship by collecting them as concubines in harems. Seems like Libya has merely exchanged one dictatorship for another. Certainly for women, instituting sharia law does not herald an “Arab spring,” but rather a freezing cold Arab winter.

Jancis M. Andrews, Sechelt, BC

The months and weeks that are now just days before Chief Justice Bauman renders his decision on the polygamy reference case in Canada have been excruciatingly long.  What will the decision be on Wednesday, Nov. 23, one year and one day after the commencement of the trial?


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