Polygamy in Canada: Justifiably not Tolerated by Nicholas Bala of Queen’s University Faculty of Law

Guest Colunmist in Jurist: Legal News and Research, University of Pittsburg School of Law

Professor Bala is an expert witness for Stop Polygamy in Canada


(see Prof. Bala’s affidavit under “court documents”, “affidavits and witnesses”, “stop polygamy in canada expert witnesses”)


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  1. Again, as I asserted in a former comment (see below), the conditions and arguments which are used to prohibit polygamy by Nicolas Bala are fundamentally and seriously flawed. This is because the whole onus of upholding anti-polygamy laws is due to some alleged harm to children and women and inequality.


    The prejudiced and biased arguments which are used by Nicolas Bala are profoundly pathetic. Nevertheless, the arguments that he makes still have to be addressed and refuted.

    Firstly, we do not and have never seen monogamous marriages treated in this way, yet, not only do we hear of the same things going on in monogamous marriages, but in particular, the numbers of transgressors committing such nefarious acts within those same marriages by far outnumbers anything in polygamous marriages. In fact, the numbers are so huge, that it makes what reported problems which go on in polygamous families fade to insignificance. However, we see no case against monogamous families to prohibit them. After all, why should they be allowed their freedoms to marry or to continue to marry even after such claims and convictions have been successfully prosecuted in a court of law?

    And what about wife beating? How much more cases of prosecutions of wife beatings are done by monogamous couples in comparison to polygamous families? We can be sure of one thing concerning this, it is going to be VAST!

    Therefore, we have a problem. Monogamous couples can continue to enjoy the fruits of marriage, when they commit in far overwhelming numbers what polygamous families are accused of, and then we have the next even more important point, which is:

    Also, has anyone considered that when courts provide so called witness evidence by former members of polygamous families, they are not really witnessing against polygamy, but against the DEFENDANT? Therefore, as I formerly asserted in the aforementioned link, all court cases against polygamy are only prevarications based on flawed judgements, when it is the defendant who has transgressed and not the practice. As I said before, “where is the injured party”?

    So, what does this prove? It proves conclusively that we have a legal system which is deliberately biased against polygamy, because there are people who want to FORCE their views and prejudices on everyone else. After all, polygamy is still practiced in America and Canada and Great Britain, no differently than what homosexuality was when it was an illegal practice.

    Also, the malicious and ignorant judgements of polygamous families being welfare incumbents is also a vicious slur, and why? Because polygamous families are entitled to those benefits. If they were not so, they could not receive them. Also, if they are working families, they are paying their taxes so that they can be supported by the state when things do go wrong. They are taxpayers, they are automatically entitled, or is someone suggesting that because they are polygamous, they are not entitled to anything even if they are taxpayers?

    Has anyone not noticed who Nicolas Bala infers that homosexual couples are not injurious to children or women. Yet, no-one has even considered the moral damage, the moral injury homosexuality does to individuals and to society. However, the court states it is making moral judgements based on some perceived harm, when it is the DEFENDANT who is the transgressor and not the practice. On Nicolas Bala’s comments we could rightfully abolish all monogamous marriages under the same conditions.

    Therefore, polygamous families should not be discouraged, because it should be evident to you all that the real problem is that people are not prepared to do things honestly, even if they hide behind their qualifications, status or power.


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