Colorado City, AZ, is imploding after illegal edicts from Warren Jeffs

Hundreds of FLDS have been left homeless after Warren Jeffs’ preaching from his prison cell illegally.  He is in prison for life plus twenty years and still thinks he’s god–Good Grief!  When are the authorities going to say enough is enough suffering for one group of misguided people and shut the whole mess down, then help these people with the skills they need to live in mainstream society.


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  1. Posted by Faye Kemmis on January 6, 2012 at 3:28 am

    The hundreds of people who may be distraught from Jeffs’ prattle will need a LOT more than jobs. What immediately springs to mind, as our esteemed Nancy knows, is the need for counselling to try to at the very least, diminish the endless brainwashing they have suffered. Even if these misguided persons were able to volunteer at a thrift shop for example, the constant barraging of ‘modern society’ may undoe them. My prayers go with them because it is a real uphill climb from the jeff compound/s to any real modern peace; modern peace being as it is with crimes abound. The wonderful thing about this however is that they will not be slaved. Freedom and democracy is a wonderful thing, though it will be awhile before they realize it …but they will..


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