Do you wonder why FLDS children die? Falling out of or off vehicles is one way!

This picture titled “Truck Load of Gold” was taken by Sam Brower, author of Prophet’s Prey, released 2011 by Sam Brower, published by Bloomsbury USA, New York.

Note:  I find it hard to continue reading a book about the FLDS when there appears to be a dreadful wrong in the research done by the author, as is prevalent on pages 100 and 101 regarding Brower’s relationship with Winston Blackmore.  Blackmore (page 100) admitted “to having taken at least two underage brides”.  This book was printed in 2011.  In 2009, RCMP Constable Shelly Livingstone went before a BC Judge with a list of nine underaged girls impregnated by Winston Blackmore.  Yet, on page 101, Brower maintains that if he had found out Winston was lying to him “(which I have not)” Brower “would still have maintained a relationship with him.”  I find this very disappointing, but will continue reading the book.


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