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  1. Posted by Kathleen Covington on September 6, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    My name is Kathleen Covington,
    I come from the Allred or AUB group but my situation in getting away from polygamy has involved Flora Jessop and I have needed her more than once. Ask her if you would like. I also have contact with Rebecca Kimbel and Kristyn Decker and others who have tried to help me with my own struggle against the Utah state government for my basic rights as a United States Citizen. Right now I am trying to put together a class action suit against the state of Utah and possibly Arizona. I need women and childrens names this includes the lost boys. Phone numbers and addresses can come later. I need anyone who has had the state step in and help take away children, destroy lives,
    jailed, put in psychiatric word by order of a judge, property etc. There are many cases of rape and incest known by these two states but they continue to refuse to do
    anything about it.
    The attorneys I hope to work with are from back east and all of this is new to them. What is going in our favor are the many stories in the news etc. that back our stories including Texas. I am working with all groups of those fighting polygamy since we all need to work together to make this happen. The polygamous factions do, using the same judges, attorneys etc who will lie, cheat and steal. etc.
    My e-mail address is
    or you can call me if you would like 435 695-7764.
    Sincerely, Kathleen Covington


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