Closing Statements Supporting AGBC

BCTF Final Submission

BCTF Book of Authorities Index

The Christian Legal Fellowship Filed Closing Submissions- March 4 2011 & 5893180_1_Additional Materials

Reply Submissions of the Christian Legal Fellowship

2011 03 25 Reply Closing Submission of AGC

AGBC Closing Submissions Mar 4 2011 Polygamy Reference (filed)

AGBC – Reply Closing Submissions filed March 25 2011

Closing Subm Real Women filed 4Mar11

FINAL – Closing Submissions of AGC & ~ INDEX (FILED COPY)

final submissions of SPC

Brief of Authorities Index–SPC

Closing Submissions of CCRC and David Asper Centre dated March 7 2011 AS FILED

Index to Book of Authorities CCRC DACCR 25 March 2011

End Authorities CCRC & DACCR

Beyond Borders Closing Statement

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Faye Kemmis on March 6, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Re: “Christian Legal Fellowship Filed…”,
    This is an interesting submission and I am sure it took many long hours, and investigations to complete. Personally I am very disappointed that in all the harm that the investigator/s found did not include ANYTHING about what Dr. Theodore Tarby of AZ has been documenting for decades, stating the disease WILL (of course) become much worse in it’s inevitable death sentences. I have sent for your viewing a website regarding this before. It never fails to amaze me that Dr. Tarby has not been documented for this court. The United Nations has provided us with information of which I refer to; Fumarase Deficiency disease, as years ago they documented that the largest number in the world is found right in Arizona.The second largest in South Africa. When I say “largest” this is not to say monumental numbers. However the percentatge that is prevalent per person in the polygams states is overwhelming. The Baby Cemetery would prove this. As Dr. Tarby has stated in some of his many comments in the Internet the proclivity of polygamy is causing this disease, via decades of incest.


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