Daphne Bramham, Journalist, B.C.


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  1. NEWS
    Reported by Rebecca Kimbel
    Eureka Tribune Reporter

    Kody Brown’s (star of Sister Wives TV reality Show,) Affiliated with a criminal Polygamist Group.

    In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Kody Brown said his family was part of the Apostolic United Brethern.

    The current leader of the AUB is LaMoine Jenson. LaMoine and the late leader Owen Allred involved in a 1.5 million dollar theft, (Hill vs. Allred). The verdict was awarded in Hill’s favor. Owen Allred told his congregation Virginia Hill had given the money as “tithing. The congregation is currently paying the money back. In between the theft and the congregation being stuck with the bill, the court documents show that Owen recorded the meeting where he decided not to return the stolen money. Like Warren Jeff’s, Allred was found guilty from the recordings he had made. Despite these facts, Owen convinced his congregation that it was all because they are persecuted for polygamy. Jeff Norman went to prison, but Jeff Norman had no power of decision at any time. Owen Allred and LaMoine Jenson were in power. Owen died. LaMoine now leads. In between the theft and the congregation being stuck with the bill, money was laundered into directions the congregation has no legal claim to. This too is in the court documents.

    Criminal behavior isn’t new to the AUB. Three of their priesthood members were accused of child molest: Joseph Thompson in 1994, George Maycock in 1998, and Shevroll Palacios in 2002. Palacios went to prison. The AUB distanced them selves from Shevroll Palacios only AFTER he was under investigation. Thompson remained affiliated in the AUB with so much authority their own members didn’t realize he had been “released from his position” (on the AUB records only) and Maycock’s behavior was likewise ignored.

    Kody Brown admits affiliation with the AUB, but refuses to name his employer. According to the “reality” show Kody had money of his own. Sources tell us he drove a Lexus. Yet he admits his plural wives have to work to help support themselves. Public information show Kody and first wife, Meri filed for bankruptcy 6-6 2005, plural wife Christine Brown in 2010 and new plural wife Robyn, in Mexico 6-15-2011. That’s three bankruptcies in one family in six years. Why is Kody having more children when he can’t support the ones he’s got? Is using laws to protect you from the bills you have created, the life style we want to legalize in America? How many children can a man produce without financial obligations that stick? Who knows, he isn’t through yet. Is Kody’s “belief” system and the group he is affiliated the life style we really want to promote in America?


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