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Dear Network:

Firstly, FAYE KEMMIS of Victoria, a retired nurse, is a loyal, hard-working member of this campaign.  She wrote me a short precise on her work over the past 3 years on attempting to get action on fumarase disorder in the FLDS:

Subject: Re: Polygamist on trial ….Raymond Jessop’s genetics


Nancy I tried getting the RCMP involved via the former BC AG, Wally Oppall, regarding this disease.

The information collected by Dr. Tarby working with the FD babies in Hilldale etc., shows that he knows full well Fumarase Deficiency disease will be on the uprise.  (The Internet has sufficient documents/stories about this). I wrote many letters regarding this disease to various agencies, governments, and individuals with little or no response however a secretary at Texas U did say they would “look into it…”.

This was 2.5 years ago.

Wally Oppall told me it was necessary for there to be factual or even possible evidence that a “Baby Graveyard” beside the Birthing Cottage of Bountiful BC, had, indeed,

bodies that had showed FD. Thus, nothing was done, since this is a closed and closeted sect. Faye Kemmis (retired nurse)

V9B 2Y2,8599,1732498,00.html

“Your family tree should not be a wreath”…

“It’s not something they are willing to do.”, Dr. Tarby in trying to get the sect to change.

ROBERT MATAS, writer for The Globe and Mail newspaper (Canada) also wrote about fumarase deficiency disorder in one of his columns: Robert has been a member of the news group for this campaign for years.

MARCI HAMILTON, author of God vs. The Gavel; and, Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children has this comment re:  Daphne Bramham’s article on multiculturalism and tolerance:

Subject: Re: Limits to tolerance are needed if multicultural Canada is to work

Kudos to Daphne Bramham for keeping the public’s attention focused on the evils of polygamy.  A key in this sort of public debate about the harm rendered by religious groups is to clearly identify the secular harm that the religious groups cause. There are at least three flowing from polygamy.

First, harm to the equality of women.   There is no other way to characterize it: polygamy in the vast majority of its applications makes women subservient to men in every sphere of life.  It is a matter of equality between the sexes.  The cultures that institute and perpetuate polygamy are hostile toward women’s freedom and independence.  Even the extreme rare polygamous community that does not intend to do so, does so symbolically by creating an equation between one man and multiple women.

Second, harm to children.  In order to achieve the disproportion of men to women, they must increase the supply of women and decrease the supply of men. The FLDS accomplishes this by forcing adolescent and teenage girls to marry middle-aged men pushing a segment of the teenage boys out of the community.  Polygamy, thus, becomes a driving force behind criminal child abandonment and statutory rape and felonious bigamy.  It is a fact that Any organization that seeks to give men as many women and children, and that creates a hierarchy of men according  to how many women and children they accumulate, is going to be driven to these measures.

Third, harm to society.  These organizations stunt women’s capacity to fully realize their potential, depriving all of society of their talents.   They financially cost society when one man cannot support all of the women and children under him and, therefore, the “inferior” wives turn to public welfare.  Society is responsible for the welfare of children, and when it permits these organizations to persist, it becomes a partner in the child abuse.

Marci A. Hamilton

Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Yeshiva University

55 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10003

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