Opinion Piece by John Llewellyn

Opinion piece by John Llewellyn

Mormon Defense League scrutinized

            This morning (8-4-11) I read with interest an article in the LDS owned, Deseret Morning News, entitled, “Mormon Defense League launched.”  The formal name of the referenced, Defense League is “Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research,” the web address is, MDL.org.  The reason I was so interested in this “Defense League” is because I am currently reading, Stealth Jihad, How Radical Islam Is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs, by Robert Spencer, a respected authority on Islamic Jihad. 

            The essence of Spencer’s book is the contention that various American pro-Islamic organizations are using “political correctness” and an “embellished” interpretation of “religious freedom and equal opportunity” to induce political and legal acceptance of sharia law (code of conduct) and fatwas (a legal pronouncement – religious ruling) issued by Islamic religious scholars and rulers (i.e. Imams).   In other words, these Islamic organizations are gradually but effectively manipulating industry, government (including the courts) and schools into accommodating Islamic demands to the point of giving Islamic sharia law preferential status over and above established Judo-Christian traditions.  Even without reading Stealth Jihad I had noticed that there was a segment of the American media, public and government that seemed to be infatuated with the notion of going out of their way to accommodate Islam, and reinforce the so-called moderate American Muslim’s contention that Islam is a peaceable religion – in dramatic contradiction to all the violence and unrequited hate rhetoric streaming out of Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and other Islamic countries.

            The book is worth reading if you are as concerned as I am with the impact of both foreign and domestic Islam.  It seems we have International airports providing exclusive rooms where Muslims can wash their feet and pray – at public expense.  The Salt Lake International airport provided a room for the taxi drivers to rest, but Muslim taxi drivers turned it into a mosque complete with prayer rugs and insisted that non Muslim taxi drivers remove their shoes before entering.  When an altercation occurred between an infidel taxi driver and Muslim over Muslim’s forcing sharia law onto non believers the Airport authorities shut the room down.  This same scenario is occurring in other airports around the country.

            Industries are reorganizing the work day so Muslims can pray, even furnishing segregated rooms for that purpose.  Schools are discontinuing feeding students pork so as not to offend Muslims.  Schools are even kowtowing to Muslims dictating how Islam should be portrayed in text books, in a proselyting  manner.  They get away with it under the heading of “multiculturalism.”  These are just a few examples Spencer cites where Americans are submitting to Islamic, sharia demands. 

            Alternative motives among politicians and religious moguls are not unheard of.  They say one thing while covertly thinking another.  The Mormon Defense League article cites the Council on American –Islamic Relations, CAIR, as an example of a respectable Islamic, apologetic organization.  But according to Spencer, CAIR is associated with the Islamic Brotherhood; Spencer makes a convincing case that the Brotherhood is a “stealth jihadists organization.”   In fact, Spencer cites many other so-called American moderate Islamic organizations that have ties to the Islamic Brotherhood and radical, violent organizations like Hamas.  The consensus is that these so-called moderate Islamic organizations are attempting to accomplish by stealth what the violent, radical Islamic organizations are attempting to accomplish with violence- Islamic supremacy over the West.   

            Now I’m not saying that this newly created Mormon Defense League has ulterior motives.  According to the article its mission is to correct “false information put forward to the media.”  They want to “help journalists do their job better” and “become a resource for journalists.”   And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were offended by my unflattering parallel to CAIR, but after all, the article opened the door.  I suspect that whoever chose CAIR as a parallel was not aware of its “stealthy” history as presented by Spencer.  But I think it is fair to conclude that the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research would like to be able to dictate what is said and thought about Mormonism.  And I understand their feelings in light of the violent and political history of early Mormonism, and the current state of Mormon fundamentalism, which I would think is a considerable embarrassment for the LDS Church.

            I would not go so far as to contend that there is a direct parallel between “stealth jihad” and those defending the LDS Church.  There is no indication that the LDS Church wants preferential status.  But I do believe there is a parallel with Mormon fundamentalism.  For example, Principle Voices, like CAIR, is an uncompromising pro-Mormon polygamy organization that would like to see government and the public give Mormon fundamentalism preferential status.  This notion was also made clear by the defense of Mormon polygamists in the resent Canadian test case.  Kody Brown, the flamboyant, reality show, Mormon polygamist, has filed a law suit hoping to use tactics introduced by homosexuals to win preferential, religious status for Mormon polygamists.  Look how far the homosexuals have come in the last 50 years using “stealth tactics” to manipulate the courts and public opinion into accommodating homosexuality and same sex marriages.  Our politicians in Washington instruct government employees not to use words that might offend Muslims.  When the Utah Attorney General sought to “break down barriers and build bridges” between the Mormon fundamentalists, government and the public at large he instructed Tapestry Against Polygamy not to use words that might offend the polygamists.  God forbid, we don’t want to offend Muslims or Mormon polygamists.  

            It is no surprise that those areas in America where Muslims are being preferentially accommodated are areas with large Muslim populations.   I can’t help but wonder if accommodation was inspired by an ulterior motive.  When so-called moderate Muslims claim they are peace loving, why should we believe them?  It is well documented that it is permissible for both Muslims and Mormon fundamentalists to used deception when dealing with non believers.  The many acts of violence perpetrated by Muslims tends to contradict words of peace.  Take the violence initiated by the Swedish cartoons depicting Mohammad.  Supposedly peaceful Muslims swarmed into the streets, rioting, destroying property and killing.  Are we accommodating out of fear?   If we don’t build a place for Muslims to wash their feet and say their prayers do we fear one of them might retaliate with a bomb?

            Bacon and eggs is as American as apple pie.  I resent the idea that public schools should discontinue serving pork so as not to offend Muslims.  The penchant of liberal Americans to give minorities preferential treatment is fast changing the complexion and values of conservative America.  How far is this nonsense going to go?  As I write this thesis, Warren Jeffs is using religious freedom as his defense for raping little girls.  But Mormon fundamentalism doesn’t have the potential clout that Muslims do.  There are (realistically) only about 35 thousand Mormon fundamentalists.  According to the Internet there are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, 52 million in Europe and 1.6 million in the U.S.  If Islam continues to grow at the current rate, in less than a decade one quarter of all inhabitants on earth will be Muslims.  Mormons have a high birth rate but it is nowhere near that of Islam.  Muslims believe in polygamy.  They believe in circumcising little girls, and believe in subordinating women like Mormon fundamentalists.  It would seem that Mormon fundamentalists have more in common with Islam than it does with the LDS Church. 

            After all I’ve read about Islam, the good and the bad, I can’t understand why someone would convert to Islam – unless you are put in the position of converting or dying.  It’s a crazy world.  Of course I can’t understand why Barak Obama seems to think spending more money than government takes in is good for America.  Nor can I see how two men or two women playing nasty with each other is appropriate, acceptable behavior.  I can’t understand, for the life of me, why a hard working, autonomous thinking American would submit to socialism. 

            Nether Islam or Mormon fundamentalism has the best interest of America in mind.  I’m afraid that too many good Americans are letting anti-American, Americans do their thinking for them.

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