Question: How much money does Winston Blackmore receive from his “followers” in the States?

Does anyone out there know how many followers Winston Blackmore has in the States and if they pay a tithing to their “leader” which would be another source of undeclared income, wouldn’t it?

Rebecca Kimbel interviews Nancy Mereska

Thank you, Rebecca!

Event raises funds for Holding Out Help

Holding Out Help is a volunteer organization founded by Tonia Tewell in Utah.  It helps those fleeing the FLDS.  I featured this organization some time ago when it first started.  Unfortunately, I could not get any Canadian press on the organization because I could not find a Canadian connection of someone from Canada who has been helped by this group.

Do we dare S-M-I-R-K using both sides of our faces?

The title of Daphne Bramham’s article is enough to bring glee to any man/woman who for years has watched Winston Blackmore wave his polygamy in our faces!  Sorrowfully, though, Blackmore is now in a “gentile” court, answering questions from “gentile” officials–women!–, and the booming voice he has used to “chastise” any and all women who have interviewed/questioned him before is now reduced to a whisper because he doesn’t want the press to hear.

Day 4: Winston Blackmore alleged tax-evasion trial

Truly, I am always amazed at how cleverly Winston Blackmore can deflect questions.  I wonder what question was asked when he went into his description about paying money to FLDS leaders for upcoming predicted apocalypses — 15 times!  Didn’t anyone ever teach him, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, duh, fifteen times!–shame on who?

Day 3: Winston Blackmore’s alleged tax-evasion trial

Mr. Winston Blackmore certainly does have a problem with numbers!  On page 309 of Daphne Bramham’s book The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect, Ms. Bramham writes:  “. . .In 1993, Blackmore had three wives.  Four years later, “Uncle Wink” (as Blackmore is called by his admirers) had seven wives.  By 2002, he had twenty-six wives–only seven of whom were Canadians–and close to ninety children born in Canada and entitled to both Canadian and U.S. citizenship.”

If any of his “ex” wives are reading the news reports on this trial, I wonder what they think of his memory loss regarding their relationships with him?

Also, Sheila Pratt of the Edmonton Journal did a feature article last summer on the slave labour camps of the FLDS.  It reran on December 28th as it was voted best feature article of the year.

Blackmore describes living arrangements among his 21 wives–Globe and Mail

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