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Hill vs. Allred, Apostolic United Brethren, LaMoine Jenson et. al.

Dear Network:

I have received this from J.R. Llewellyn, a former polygamist man who has spent years advocating for the cessation of the practice of polygamy plus researching other Mormon polygamy groups.  One of those groups is the Apostolic United Brethren, of which Llewellyn was a member.  Llewellyn writes extensively and shares his writing on his blog.  The emphasis in his note to me is mine.  There are several other Mormon polygamy groups out there, each with its own “prophet” (aka pedophile, thief, fraud, etc.)  Thank you, John, for keeping us all informed.


———————–John’s Letter

From: J. R. Llewellyn [mailto:*****
Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 4:15 PM
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Subject: Hill vs. Allred, Apostolic United Brethren, LaMoine Jenson et. al.

Nancy, I don’t know if I alterted you that the Utah Supreme Court came back big time for Virginia Hill in her law suit against AUB, Allred, Jenson and others.  I have created a blog:, to keep the AUB members and public appraised of what is happening.  This ruling was a huge blow to organized Mormon polygamy. You might want to check out the four part snopsis of the ruling already on the blog, and comment.  The following is the latest entry.  Keep up the good work.  John

Hill vs. Allred, Jenson, et. al. Update

A motion to “Augment Judgment” was  filed in the Fourth Judicial District Court by Hill’s legal team on October 9th 2009.  This is the first step in finally holding AUB accountable.  An oral argument has been requested.  It will be interesting to see how AUB reacts to this motion.  But more interesting will be what is said at the oral argument.

Punitive damages and interest I suspect will be the most sensitive subjects of the discussion.  In my opinion, the punitive damages should be commensurate with culpability.  That would mean AUB should be punished the most severely and here’s why.

The plot to steal Virginia’s money and engage in a pattern of criminal activity was initiated by Owen A. Allred, prophet and leader of AUB.  Dennis Matthews was immediately ordained a bishop in the AUB priesthood to oversee the spending and laundering of the currency.  The currency was then transferred to the home of Owen A. Allred.  The pattern of criminal activity cited by the Utah Supreme Court occurred while the AUB priesthood had full possession of the currency.

Once the decision to steal the money was consummated, the following “episodes”  took place:  1. The Granite Ranch was paid off.  (At the time of initial hatching of the conspiracy, in the “recorded” meeting between Matthews, Putvin and Allred, Owen Allred said they would use the money to pay off the Granite Ranch).  2.  A coterie of priesthood fellows (Allred, Jenson, Matthews, Putvin and others) jumped in Allred’s Suburban and drove to the DI Ranch to see if they really wanted to buy it.  3.Bank accounts were opened for the express purpose of laundering the currency.  4. Jeff Norman was recruited by Bishop Dennis Matthews to do the actual laundering.  5. Several shell corporations were created, primarily Diamond Automotive Specialties, Inc.  Diamond Automotive had two specific purposes:  a. vehicle for laundering $500,000.00 back into AUB.  b.  Buy and sell used cars and repair wrecked cars.  6.  J. LaMoine Jenson’s  was named a board officer to watch over AUB’s fiduciary interest in Diamond Automotive Specialties, Inc.  because it was the money hidden in the closet of Owen Allred’s home that was used to purchase the used car lot, improve it, established it and purchase the inventory.  6.  The execution of the two Assignment of Trust Deeds confirms that it was an AUB operation.

Because Putvin eventually coned AUB out of the bulk of the money, at trial, the defense attempted to make it look like the conspiracy was a John Putvin, Jim Sandmire operation when the facts clearly show it was an AUB priesthood enterprise.  Sandmire was in reality a stooge for AUB and Putvin. I think that this realization is what motivated Sandmire to defect from AUB. Jeff Norman, who served two years in prison in shielding Owen Allred, J. LaMoine Jenson and his good friend, Dennis Matthews, has also defected.

To reiterate, the criminal activity referred to by the Utah Supreme Court was an AUB priesthood criminal enterprise and occurred while AUB was in possession of all the money.  The culpability of AUB should not be made less severe because AUB was dumb enough to let John Putvin filch the bulk of Virginia Hill’s money.  Every individual who took part in the pattern of criminal activity was an AUB priesthood member.

I will post each new development as they unfold.


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