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Polygamy has ‘no place in Canada’: justice minister

Dear Network:

Firstly, thank you Info-Secte for passing this CTV news story along.

Secondly, this is the first time in Canadian history that the Provincial Government of B.C. and the Federal Government of Canada are working hand in hand on the issue of polygamy.  It is time Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia stepped up to the plate as well!

As this news story is carried by every news media possible in Canada, do you know what this means?  It means that every woman and child caught in the clutches of polygamy whether it be Mormon Fundamentalist, Muslim Fundamentalist, Christian Fundamentalist, Hmong (pronounced “mong”), or African polygamy are going to be exposed to the news of what is happening in Canada on their behalf.  This gives them the FREEDOM to step forward and to shake the shackles that bind them as concubines to one man.  They will be supported by whatever authority they go to.

The male leaders who bind these women and children are the ones  who should be prosecuted.   Perhaps one day we will see a law in Canada against brainwashing for the purposes of breaking the law with stiff penalties and fines.  And “religions” that do that either openly or in secret (mainstream Mormon temple ceremonies) should lose their status as religions.

University of Western Ontario law Professor Grant Huscroft (bold in article—my emphasis) said it best.  This has gone on far too long.



Polygamy has ‘no place in Canada’: justice minister News Staff

Oct. 23 2009

The federal justice minister says polygamy has “no place in Canada,” after calls for clarity on the issue from the British Columbia attorney general.

“The prohibition on polygamy is certainly consistent with Canadian values,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told reporters Friday at a news conference. READ MORE


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