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Polygamous sect challenges seizure of land trust

Dear Network:

I fail to see how the FLDS could possibly win this one considering how their “prophet” had sole dictatorship over who would have homes, wives, etc. in the trust and who wouldn’t.  There is nothing “holy” about homes, land, wives, children and other “property” being assigned to men who were in the “prophet’s” favor while those who were tossed aside lost everything.  There are far too many witness accounts of the way this trust was handled.  One can only hope that those who suffered great losses due to the corrupt management of the UEP are writing their affidavits with fire in their pens so that the secular nature of the trust stays.  There is no “expression of faith” when a person’s sense of security and well being depend on the dictates of one man!


Polygamous sect challenges seizure of land trust By JENNIFER DOBNER  / Associated Press


A polygamous sect is asking the Utah Supreme Court to overturn a state court decision that stripped the religious purposes from its communal land trust.

In a court filing Tuesday, attorneys for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints say making the United Effort Plan Trust secular was a violation of the faith’s constitutionally protected religious rights.



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