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Petition Online

Dear Network:

I have received the following comments re the online petition And, 10 more names have been added since yesterday!  I have been aware of this petition for some time; and, it has sat rather stagnant for the last few years.  Now it has come to life.  Let’s make this petition grow in spite of the yahoos who want to spoil it with their bad language.  Thank you.



This from the Defenders of Children Organization

Dear colleagues… [re petition below]

Our position on polygamy at Defenders of Children is to concentrate on the outrage and illegalities that confront the children in those communities being denied proper education,  and being married off to grown men and relatives. We see at its core, while at once abusive toward adult women, it can’t be separated legally from co-habitation i.e., consenting adults chosing to live together. As child advocates, we concentrate on the criminal child abuse areas.

I’m forwarding this to the AZ Coalition Against Domestic Violence as well as to a national group that may have wide support for these kinds of efforts.


PS. Yesterday, jury selection began in Eldorado Texas for the first of 12 men to stand trial resulting from the raid on the YFZ Ranch of the FLDS group.  Raymond Jessop, 38, who has 9 wives is charged with sexual assault of a child stemming from his “marriage” to an underage girl — she gave birth at age 16.  Three of his wives and their children were assigned to him when his brother was stripped of his family and excommunicated from the church by Leader Warren Jeffs, currently incarcerated in AZ, having been convicted already in UT.


I simply cannot believe how this movement has grown!  We’ve come a far cry from the time I was told by an editor of an Edmonton newspaper in 2003 that “everyone has their cause, Nancy, and yours is polygamy” after he refused time and time again to print any of my editorials!  I forget the fellow’s name, but I wonder if now he is eating his words!

Nancy Mereska, Coordinator



Interview and Petition

Dear Network:

I was interviewed by Gary Doyle of Kitchener, Ontario, this morning.  Even though time is short on any interview, I know the seed of knowledge about the travesty of the practice of polygamy in Canada is planted and the general population are becoming aware of this heinous practice not only in Canada but in North America where we so proudly wave our flags of rights and freedoms.  The media are doing a terrific job of educating the public.

If you go to you will find the Gary Doyle show and also the link to run by B.G. Chisholm.  I do not know Mr. Chisholm.  I have heard of the petition before and this is the first I have signed it hoping to garner more signatures through this campaign.  Two women of the campaign to Stop Polygamy in Canada ran a petition in Edmonton and garnered over 2,000 signatures which they mailed to federal authorities.

Mr. Doyle wanted me to answer the question re why has polygamy gone on so long in Canada?  That is the million dollar question that everyone would like answered.  For years the letters I’ve received from Government officials have pointed fingers at one another.  When B.C. Attorney General  Michael de Jong and Canadian Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson came out on the same page last week, it was a first in Canadian history.

So, if anyone out there is writing a history of this event, make note.  We are again on our way to weighing the constitutionality question of the polygamy law in our courts.  The world is watching Canada.  We are the only first-world nation to have all of our legal ducks in a row to fight the issue of the practice of polygamy.   We have not allowed Sharia law into any of our marriage statutes.  Our Charter and Internationally ratified Conventions protect the rights of women and children.

WE CANNOT ALLOW RELIGIOUS LAW TO TRUMP CIVIL LAW IN CANADA. The argument that practicing polygamy is the practitioner’s “religious right” stands on quicksand when measured against our statutes, charter rights and international ratified conventions.

I realize that as a social activist, I am at the lowest rung of this ladder that has too many steps.  Without all of you out there and the hard work that you do, there would be no campaign.  My humble thanks.



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