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Dear Network:

As many of you know, Lois Herman is our link to the Women’s United Nations Research Network.  It took some computer expertise for her to retrieve the following information from but she succeeded and sends this message to Valerie’s sisters and all who are caught in the web of domestic violence.  (This is the first I’ve known how vast the WUNRN network is—so when Lois picks an article to send, the news is very widespread!)

From Lois:

I hope you will send this to her sisters, and tell them that this was for me a “labor of love.” I have followed the stories of the FDLS cults for years. WUNRN, every day, transmits to the world, cross sectoral, throughout the UN system, into 3/4 of UN Member States, Governments, Academia, Religions, NGO’s, Associations, Foundations, Media, Civil Society and more. If all my photos and work hold intact till morning, we will “tell the world” tomorrow, with the pictures and text from the website, and draw readers into the full site from the link. This is for Valerie !!

Good Wishes,

Lois A. Herman

Coordinator WUNRN

Women’s UN Report Network

Website includes text on the maintaining of power and control in domestic violence, or within a polygamist cult. Women who leave polygamy may be drawn to unhealthy relationships that can become violent.


A Non-Profit Assisting Victims of Domestic Violence & Polygamy

In Loving Memory of Valerie Jeffs Mackert

Valerie was a beautiful young girl with a smile that could light up any room. She was also Warren Jeffs sister; and sexually abused as a child by three different brothers, including Warren.

When she left the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she was unable to adapt to the outside world.

This struggle to fit in, to belong in either world, eventually cost her life.

Valerie represents how difficult this transitional struggle can be.

VJM Gateway to Freedom  is designed to help.



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