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Kathleen Mackert Comments on FLDS Trial

Dear Network:

I received comments about the last url addresses I posted not working. On the “go san angelo” url, please copy the whole url (second line included in your copy) and paste in your internet site—the article comes up. Forbes is a little more difficult—go to Forbes and type “polygamy” in the search site and several articles are highlighted. You may have to sign on to Forbes in order to do this. Sorry for the mix up. Following are comments and a news article from Info-Secte on this trial. Thank you, all. You are valuable to this campaign.

Dear Nancy, Rena and I have personally read all 1000 pages of Warren Jeffs dictations while he was in hiding from the FBI; continuing while he was incarcerated. In these reports it detailed the brutal labor of this underage girl; and the fact that even the FLDS Doctor, did not overrule Warren Jeffs and her “husband” RMJ to take her to the hospital. The THREE DAY LABOR endangered both the child/mother, and her unborn child. It also details her wedding, complete with her age at the time.

The FLDS have a longstanding pattern of willingness to portray the young mothers as immoral as a defense for the male predators who mask themselves as “husbands”. These young girls were the most pure, and controlled girls imaginable; until their abusive “spiritual husbands” get their hands on them. This is just another example of how the FLDS men treat women as property, and breeding stock. In this society women and children have no rights, or civil liberties as long as the FLDS leadership is in control. Given these facts it is horribly ironic that their defense against the Raid was to scream that their rights, and liberties were violated. In fact CPS bent over back-words in an effort to appease them. In the end this resulted in cases being “non suited” that were clearly prosecutable instances of heinous Child Abuse, and neglect. In comparison the average U. S. citizen would have had their children taken away and placed for adoption.

Kathleen Mackert VJM Gateway to Freedom Foundation


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