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Prosecutor: Polygamist sect man assaulted teen

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The slippery slope these alleged pedophiles use in order to get out from under the charges against them is despicable! Religion is not a smokescreen for abuse of women and children—no matter what the perpetrators or their lawyers may think. The mainstream Mormon church may have renounced the practice of polygamy, but they still believe in it (Section 132—Doctrine & Covenants) and they practice multiple spouse marriage “sealings” by proxy of the dead in their temples. They also believe that every man, woman and child who was born on this earth who is now dead are waiting in “spirit prison” until their names are taken by proxy through Mormon temples and they are given the chance to accept the Mormon faith. No one gets into any kind of heaven, “telestial”, terrestrial, or celestial, without having accepted Mormon—dead or alive!The Mormons even have a structured hierarchy for this, where the non-believers and disaffected believers will be the servants of the faithful for eternity.

I am in the process of reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang—a book that is still banned in China. It is about three generations of women in one family and how they lived the development of totalitarian Communism in China from the early to late 1900s. I am shocked at the parallel between Communism and the Correlation programs of mainstream Mormonism that were developed in the 50’s and 60’s—parallel with Chairman Mao’s Communist ideals. Talk about comparative literature. At times I am sick as my consciousness compares the two!! So, face it everyone, whether you are Mormon or not, you are wanted dead or alive!


Prosecutor: Polygamist sect man assaulted teen

By MICHELLE ROBERTS (AP) – October 28, 2009

ELDORADO, Texas — A 38-year-old man from a polygamist sect sexually assaulted a teenager less than half his age at the Yearning For Zion Ranch, a prosecutor charged Wednesday to open the first criminal trial since the ranch was raided.  ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE


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