Polygamy, Tax Dollars and Gov. Funds

                                     Polygamy, Tax Dollars and Gov. Funds

                (Polygamy is the cause of poverty in many nations, not just ours.)

By Rebecca Kimbel  Mscd   CEO   DTM

When notorious Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was arrested, he was driving a new Cadillac SUV and carrying $50,000.00 cash. The estimated value of his church, $100 Million dollars, and Jeffs owns resort sized homes in FLDS polygamist communities, two of which were Eldorado Texas and Colorado City Arizona. Jeffs has business and marriage ties to numerous FLDS groups in and out of the United States.

www.rickross.com  Title,   “Government Money and Public Funds Pay for Polygamy”.

Property in polygamist communities, homes, businesses, and land, is typically owned by trusts which are controlled by their “Prophet”.  

 http://en.wikipedia.org /link/Fundamentalist_Church _of Jesus_Christ _of Ladder_Day_Saints

The United States Gov. paid 1.7 million to firms owned by polygamists, according to a CNN news report April 19, 2008. These companies were owned by Warren Jeff’s sect and tens of thousands of dollars through mandatory 10% tithing and business were alleged to create a double payoff for Jeffs.


In 1998 Hildale Utah’s polygamist community’s average tax payment per filers was $651 (annual ).The average income tax RETURN was $14.500. (The highest Exemptions in the state.) Hildale, where having 15 wives on welfare is considered “normal” and 61% of the families live in poverty. Hildale, where $ 405,006 in federal housing grants was paid, for houses( which remained unfinished because taxes on them start when they are finished) whose titles were held by polygamist leaders. Separated by one street, Colorado City received 1.8 million from the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, $94,000 for its fire station and a government financed airport at 2.8 million, where FLDS leader Rulon Jeffs (Warren’s father) landed his chartered Lear jet when he arrived for Sunday meetings. Rulon Jeffs owned a 4 acre estate in one of the best areas in Utah.

During one month in 1997, 35 households in Hildale received $22,375 for 393 people. Hildale shows a household of 35 receiving food stamps and government aid.

Colorado City is filled with unwed mothers without visible means of support, but that in itself creates money. The more children, the bigger the welfare checks.

Colorado City and Hildale were on a list of ten top towns with a population growth of over 2000 in the Intermountain West for reliance on Medicaid (health for the poor). The same year WICA (Women Infants Children), food for low income mothers could be equaled only by western Indian reservations and impoverished inner cities. 33% of Hildale and Colorado City were using food stamps in 1998. Arizona’s average was 6.7% and Utah’s was 4.7% for the same year.

www.rickross.com    title “Government money and public funds pay for welfare”.

By 2002, more than 6 million dollars in public funds were channeled into Colorado City.

http://en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fundamentalist_Church _of_Jesus_Christ_of Ladder_Day_Saints

A naive public believes polygamist women have control of their welfare money. FLDS men govern all their wives and their money. Wives are required to be subordinate to their husbands.

 http://en.wikipedia.org.    wiki/Fundamentalist_Church_of _Jesus_Christ_of Ladder_Dau+Saints.

Owen Allred instructed the men of “celestial marriage not to let women be in charge of money.

www.mormonfundamentalism.com/ChartLinks?AUB,htm    page 2

Today the fundamentalists and the dollar amounts have expanded exponentially.

Despite charges of incest, pedophilia, child abuse, rape and extortion, www.rickross.com , polygamy has been thought to be a “victimless” crime.

What polygamists say and what they do are not the same. Radio station KCAA “In the Spotlight”, hosted by Tom Barlow, is located on Colorado City land owned by a polygamist trust. On the air Tom denounces the government for being a “welfare state” and rants against government hand outs. IN 1998 the radio station received $445 from Colorado City Improvement Assoc. (government funded).

Both Gov Pyle’s raid on Short Creek in 1953 and Texas’s raid on Yearning for Zion Ranch, bogged down from lack of funds to prosecute and an empathetic public swayed by dramatic scenes of young mothers crying for their children. Financial losses incurred in raids cost the tax payers again.

Are tax payers facing the high costs of prosecuting or facing the high cost of not prosecuting? Neither one has worked yet. Throwing money at a problem caused by irresponsible behavior won’t fix it, enforced responsibility will.

It’s amazing how a country that makes a political campaign around abortion, puts no limit on the number of illegitimate children a man can produce and collect tax dollars for. After he reaches a limit, he should be “shooting blanks”.

If women were required to provide accurate information, for the fathers of their children to be DNA tested, before they could receive or continue welfare, wica, food stamps, medical aid, etc, they would comply rather quickly if they could get nothing without complying, because the need to protect their children and their survival, that holds them in polygamy, would be counterbalanced by receiving assistance from the government or obeying men who won’t provide for them. If women can’t get assistance without DNA testing requirements of fathers, men can’t get government money by “breeding kingdoms of power” in the name of God and pretending polygamy is a victimless crime..

Put an end to expensive raids, court cases and prosecutions, government funding and welfare checks. Put an end to TV fame and public recognition for irresponsible behavior. Without attention they would no longer enjoy pointing an accusing finger at history for what they are doing today. No “wives “to breed for funding, no government support, only reality and responsibility the polygamist’s own behavior and personal financial responsibility for the children he has spawned.

I’m not suggesting incest, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, extortion and other crimes go unpunished. I am suggesting that tax payers start recognizing when polygamists are “bleeding the beast”and draining off their money. Follow the money trail. It speaks louder than words. Banking on what they say and not what they do is the power by which they profit: FLDS “Prophets” fleece their sheep and the American public.

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